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Howards End: an introduction

Throughout July and August, some of the team behind Wildfell Zine will be reading E.M. Forster’s 1910 novel, Howards End. We will be...

Thought vs action: Forster on culture

THOUGHT vs. ACTION: FORSTER ON CULTURE Dichotomies are the very foundations of Howards End (1910). From the feminine, cosmopolitan,...

Inventing the ‘real’ in Life 2.0

Image: Lorenzo Herrera via Unsplash [If you haven’t yet watched this fascinating and bizarre documentary, Life 2.0 (2010), click here.]...

Not so exciting times

Columnist Harry Vavasour on Naoise Dolan’s new novel Exciting Times. Image: Ruslan Bardash via Unsplash Twenty-two years old, fresh-faced...

Is Rick Sanchez a happy man?

Illustration by Megan Kenyon For those who have not seen Rick & Morty, let me briefly sketch the plot. Rick Sanchez is an accomplished...

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